Eedaa will be having her first litter in the spring of 2018. We are a one-of-a-kind Dog Training, Boarding, and Daycare facility nestled on 150 acres in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley near Florence, MT. A Karelian Bear dog stretching before starting work duties That’s where a group of highly trained Karelian Bear Dogs comes in. The Karelian Bear Dog is a medium-sized, sturdily-built, Spitz-type dog, with a triangular-shaped head, prick ears, and a harsh, straight, black or black and white coat that is of medium length. hire us. The KBD is a hardy hunting dog from Finland that is renowned for their ability to pursue and bay large game safely and effectively. Zorro . Zorro going to his forever home in Montana new name Uriyah Dov Kelev. Zorro September 15th 2019 male. This pursuit led her to the Karelian Bear Dog (KBD) for shepherding of problem wildlife with a focus on grizzly bear. The Karelian bear dogs are trained to move grizzly bears and establish boundaries with them. Character The Karelian Bear Dog has a good sense of humor. Below is a sample search of our Karelian Bear Dog breeders with puppies for sale. The Karelian Bear Dog (KBD) or Karelsk Björnhund is a Spitz type hound originating from Finland.There in his homeland, where people call him Karjalankarhukoira, he has become a national treasure in recent years.KBD was developed from now extinct Karelian Bear Laika, just like the Russo-European Laika.These two breeds are actually the closest relatives and both belong to the Nordic … Browse thru our ID Verified Dog Breeders listings to find your perfect breeder in your area. Not every Karelian bear dog will be able to stand up to a bear.” Reporter Martin Kidston can be reached at 523-5260 or at . Our Karelians, are our family pets, which we love very much. Expecting to see a furry giant, I asked Bichler if those were the Karelian Bear Dogs. Their senses, especially smell, are sharp, thus the breed is suitable for big game hunting. Courageous and athletic, the Karelian Bear Dog’s connection with his “person” is affectionate and unfailing, and for this reason, he is beloved by many hunters. Personality. Ann’s Karelian Bear Dogs Previous litter from Ruby and Gunnar's September 15th 2019. Thank-you for visiting with us. Karelian dog’s temperament simply depends on its mood. Bear vs. bear dog. Zorro at six weeks. About us / AKC Canine Good Citizens / Our dog training principles / On the production set / Karelian Bear Dog rescue. A bear is released from a culvert trap in a new location. Karelian Bear Dog's are capable of hunting over any terrain and in any type of weather. The most common breed of bear dog is the Karelian bear dog, a black-and-white working dog that hails from the region between Finland and Russia … The Nevada Department of Wildlife Karelian Bear Dog program germinated in 2001, when the department's black bear biologist Carl Lackey took home Stryker, the grand-puppy of … Reflective, waterproof and fleece dog coats available in sizes to fit most breeds. Ideally, when Carrie Hunt’s Karelian bear dogs encounter a grizzly bear, both do. Karelian Bear Dog puppies for sale and dogs for adoption in Montana, MT. Part of the Picchio Wildlife Research Center’s bear conservation team, they’re responsible for the safe relocation and redirection of dozens of burly bruins each year. You must be logged in to react. Its quick reflexes and fearless nature have made it very popular for hunting large game including small black bears, moose, and wild boar.It was the breed's ability to hunt bears that earned the breed its name. WELCOME to Aspen Valley Karelian Bear Dogs. In the United States, Karelian Bear dogs are used by wildlife agencies, as well as state park and ranger services in Alaska, Colorado, Montana, Nevada, and Washington, for bear control. for sale, UKC registered Karelian Bear Dog puppy. Who wins? We also offer breeding and training of Karelian Bear Dogs and training of other dog breeds, for safe and effective use as certified Wildlife K-9. We offer training programs for pet dogs and service animal teams via Board & Train and Private Lesson formats, including a full off-leash program! Kennel hounds, dogs and all … Everyone's expecting to find this huge dog capable of doing battle with a bear or mountain lion. Teton, a 10-week-old Karelian bear dog, waits for his handler, Nils Pederson, at the final "find" during a field-test. Karelian Bear Dog They make loyal and faithful companions and are protective of their family. Character. The search tool above returns a list of breeders located nearest to the zip or postal code you enter. Although closely related to the Russian Laika breeds, the Karelian Bear is more domesticated. Montana: Karelian Bear Dog Breeders. They do not harass or tree the bears. Zorro. Coat The Karelian Bear Dog has a double coat that consists of short, straight, stiff hair on top and an undercoat that is soft and dense. They are considered a National Treasure in Russia and Finland, and were not exported to other countries until just a few years ago. We are a one-of-a-kind Dog Training, Boarding, and Daycare facility nestled on 150 acres in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley near Florence, MT. She replied affirmitively. It is moved away from the release site with the use of Karelian bear dogs, bean bag rounds, and shouting. The Karelian Bear Dog breed possesses a striking appearance, is attractive, and distinctive. The Finnish Kennel Club recognized the Karelian Bear Dog in 1946, and today it’s one of their most popular breeds. Karelian Bear Dogs are a breed of dog originating in Finland and Russia that were bred for the purpose of hunting bears, wolves and moose. The Karelian Bear Dog is an eager hunter and very independent, yet works cooperatively to mark game by barking. The standard calls for a height of … We received Eedaa from Karelian Bear Dogs Montana kennel. 3 were here. The length of body, from point of buttocks to point of sternum, is just slightly longer than the height, measured at the withers. Surprise, surprise! 8 weeks old 02-09-14. Karelian Bear Dogs will hunt a variety of animals. The idea is to communicate to the bear that it needs to avoid humans and areas that humans use. The bear dog cannot always be the best choice for families who can’t train or spend enough time with them. Contact us today to begin taking steps towards creating a better world for wildlife, people, and dogs! All Karelian Bear Dog found here are from AKC-Registered parents. The Karelian Bear Dog will reach heights of 19-23 inches and will weigh between 44-50 pounds. Eedaa is very social and gentle. The Karelian Bear Dog … The Karelian Bear Dog (Karjalankarhukoira) is a Finnish breed of dog.In its home country, it is regarded as a national treasure. The dogs cost about $4,000 and come from the Wind River Bear Institute in Montana. Karelian Bear Dog Verified Dog Breeders in Montana, USA, Page 1 (10 per page) is your source for finding a Karelian Bear Dog Verified Dog Breeders in Montana, USA area. Fearless by nature, this breed is known for its ability to work independently in difficult conditions. KBD's love the cold and snow, like to live outside but are always up to visits and treats in the house. Akela, a Karelian bear dog puppy, is tested on a stuffed bear mount to assess working ability before placement. Three different dog coat styles, each in seven sizes. The weather at Montana Dogware is: They have a very good sense of direction; are balanced, courageous and persistent. The Karelian Bear Dogs are a rare, and unique animal, orginating in the areas of Russia, Finland, and Siberia. Karelian Bear dogs are primitive dogs, but if you want to spend enough time training and socializing your bear dog then this breed can be a wonderful addition in the family.. Temperament of Karelian Bear Dog . KBD Placement Application. Roby went there to pick up Eedaa and met Natalie Champoux in person. The Spokane region has one bear dog… Eedaa is a Tlingit name and it translates to phosphorescence. WDFW’s Karelian dog program is funded by private donations. Find the perfect Karelian Bear Dog puppy for sale in Montana, MT at We offer training programs for pet dogs, service dogs, therapy dogs, and some behavioral rehabilitation as well as offering one of … Four and one half weeks old today! The "find" is a taxidermied bear. Find Karelian Bear Dog Puppies and Breeders in your area and helpful Karelian Bear Dog information. Companion animals, Athletic Dogs for your walking, jogging, hiking, outdoor life. The Karelian Bear Dog is an eager hunter and very independent, yet works cooperatively to mark game by barking. Dewormed and 1st s. Americanlisted has classifieds in Evergreen, Montana for dogs and cats.

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