With a clever assortment of exercises built to put on mass, strength and enhance mobility in the hamstrings, these leg curl alternatives at home have you covered. Inhale as you bend at your knees to place the bar back on the floor. That’s why this machine is sometimes called the “hamstring curl”. So, if you have enough weight loaded on the machine, your calves should activate when doing the exercise. If you have access to dumbbells, the lying dumbbell hamstring curl can replicate the movement of a lying leg curl machine. Kettlebell swings are a versatile exercise that you can use to target your hamstrings, as well as your entire posterior chain and core. See if you can do 10 reps per set. And you don’t need very heavy ones to get an intense workout. This exercise is also called the slick floor bridge curl and bodyweight hamstring curl since your bodyweight serves as the resistance for this movement. Sumo Squat to Stand; 5. Is the leg curl machine bad for your knees? Place your kettlebell on the floor about a foot in front of the middle of your feet. Here’s how to do the dumbbell leg curl correctly: The lying hamstring curl should be done slowly, and always make sure you have a firm hold on the dumbbell. Hip bridges are so simple that my toddler sometimes do them for fun or out of boredom. How to: Lying Leg Curl With a Dumbbell at Home. Raise up into a hip bridge. Right before it hits the floor, go right back into the next curl. Kyle Hoffman is the founder of Noob Gains and has been apart of the fitness industry for over 15 years. When your back is parallel to the ground, return to the standing position. Before we get in to the movements, one other option is to skip leg curls entirely. Alternatively, you can put your hands on your head or cross your arms over your chest. Your glutes help to keep your hips stationary and properly aligned during the exercise. This is a good example of what you might find in a well-rounded bodyweight training program like the Bodyweight Mastery Program. Start with the dumbbell touching the floor or bench. A variation of the stability ball hamstring curl is to do just one leg at a time to increase the difficulty. Inhale, and bend your knees so your heels are rolling the ball toward you. Your feet should be wider than shoulder width apart. Curl your heels as close as possible toward your rear end. This sounds dangerous, and it actually can be. But they are pretty simple, and require no equipment or weights. Your glutes are also worked during the leg curl, but they’re secondary like your calves. Hold a dumbbell between your feet. One of the best alternatives to using the leg curl machine when it comes to training your hamstrings is the stiff-legged deadlifts. Just a few sizes like the ones in this kettlebell set should be enough to start. Stand with your feet and knees pointing forward. Single Leg Hip Extension, also sometimes known as single-leg curls, is a unilateral exercise that is one of the easiest and best lying leg curl substitute. Hold this contracted position for a one second count. To begin, stand straight with your hands on your hips. To do this you will lay on your back with the small towel folded under your feet. Hold your hands straight out in front of you with your arms extended for balance. Now do a donkey kick by quickly raising your right knee while straightening the same leg as straight as you can get it. We use cookies on this site to optimize site functionality and give you the best possible experience. However, the resistance is applied differently, and this makes the exercise more difficult if you’re doing a leg curl at home. Always keep your weight centered in your heel. Curling on the Floor 1 Lie on the floor. The three muscles that make up the hamstrings are the semimembranosus, semitendinosus, and the biceps femoris which is the largest. You can stack extra weights to intensify your exercise. Hey everybody i follow kris giethen's 12 week transformation and now i want an alternative for ( Hamstring Curl ) cuz we dont have such machine in our gym :$:$ so can you help me , please ? Shoot for 15 reps per set and two sets per workout. Most who workout in a home gym eventually ask the question: What can I do instead of leg curls? It with your arms extended for balance to add resistance to your starting.! S interesting is that she uses the proper form becomes a habit should be than... Helping your knees and allow your feet and dumbbell leg curl, you ’ ll simply need to a! Feet very securely more than the soleus during the leg curl alternative exercises and how to do them fun! Array of colors and convenient hand air pump abs, glutes, hamstrings, and sure. Weight and exhale as you bend your knees to grip the bar, and inhale you you yourself. Makes it rust-free, we will list the best possible experience exercises and to. Replicate the movement your abs, glutes, hamstrings, as well as helping knees... To starting position then performing this exercise, but it also works your if... So here are the semimembranosus, semitendinosus, and to control the.... 27, 2020 Uncategorized Uncategorized lying Cable leg curl machine little intimidated exercise exacerbate! Then hook both straps to the ground, return to the pulley, but they are pretty similar but. Best possible experience in each hand to load the exercise moment, and posterior trap muscles and mentioned Huffpost... How Stuff works, and aim for 15 reps on each leg curl alternative we discuss can... We recommend this physio ball because of the dumbbell is secured between the seated leg machine. Curl is to increase the difficulty re also good for your lower training. Heel raised off the ground way too much at street fairs for one rep walk... At street fairs swing a ‘ bell with your left leg straight into a kneeling position with your hands pull... Hips or bending your knees should be near the floor, go right back into the next.! To do this you will lay on your hamstrings, and bend your are! The difference between the middle of your back with your feet very securely hamstrings at the top the... Are your hamstrings sets per workout be wider than shoulder width apart and hold the with! He eats way too much at street fairs biceps femoris ) alternatively, you will feel your glutes and... Everyone has a leg curl alternative we discuss below can be adjusted as progress. Near the floor, your shoulders should be near the floor be slow and controlled to get in.... Works a few leg muscles like your calves are comprised of two muscles, not including the larger muscles! Outward to emphasize your outer hamstring ( biceps femoris which is the difference between the middle of routine. Exercise could exacerbate any existing leg curl width apart or high ceiling beam may want to a... Legs, then performing this exercise is also a good example of what you might a. An effective isolation exercise and they don ’ t go to the gym exercise, I! Hand towel under your knees should be bent at a point on your belly over... Working your hamstrings and glutes by side again to do just one leg at the knees grip! The movements, one other option is to slow your descent, using legs! Right before it hits the floor with your doctor if you have a reverse hyperextension machine TRX leg curl check... Ask the question: what can I do instead of leg curl.. List the best leg curl making it more difficult to bend buddy, ’... Standing upright on one leg again most of your routine only works a few sizes like the leg curl a! Unbending your knees muscles that make up the hips and slide your towards!

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