But more than 90 years after its discovery, a low-cost version is no longer available in the U.S. Regression analyses controlling for demographic and socioeconomic factors underscored the robustness of results on cost differences related to pump therapy. Visit www.pparx.org or call 1‑888-4PPA-NOW. Individuals were included in the analyses up to 31 December 2012, and each observation was followed until 31 December 2013 for all outcomes. This allows patients to avoid multiple needle pricks and insulin injections each day. Insulin via subcutaneous injection delivers insulin … Mean annual costs in 2005–2013 for people with type 1 diabetes on insulin pump or MDI therapy by subgroup. Data are continuously reported by clinics through electronic records or are registered online. To compare the efficacy, safety, and cost utility of continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (CSII) with multiple daily injection (MDI) regimens during the first year following diagnosis of type 1 diabetes in children and young people. Thank you for your interest in spreading the word about Diabetes Care. Imputation, matching, and construction of cohorts were performed with SAS 9.3 software (SAS Institute, Cary, NC). Research design and methods: Individuals with type 1 diabetes and pump therapy in the Swedish National Diabetes Register (NDR) since 2002 were eligible. The costs of production loss were somewhat underestimated. 3A–C). Pump users also had relatively more events related to ketoacidosis, hyperglycemia, and atrial fibrillation, but all those rates were <50 per 1,000 person-years. Insulin pumps are expensive and no matter the style or brand will cost at least several thousand dollars. Overall inpatient costs were higher for pump users ($1,972; 95% CI, 1.864-2,081) compared with multiple daily injection users ($1,897; 95% CI, 1,826-1,968), specifically in relation to inpatient services for diabetes complications (P < .012). And please don’t be fooled into believing that an insulin pump provides better control. As the longest and largest study of the effectiveness of pump therapy, the study found that episodes of severe hypoglycaemia (dangerously low blood glucose) more than halved, while events in the control group increased. Relevance: Blair, et al. A: By sex, age, and diabetes duration in year of observation. The costs of insulin were calculated by two methods: insulin dispensed and insulin used. Approximately one-quarter of additional annual costs for individuals with type 1 diabetes age ≥48 years (∼25% of the cohort) could be prevented with insulin pump therapy. Cost & Reputed Branded Insulin Pump. are the guarantors of this work and, as such, had full access to all the data in the study and take responsibility for the integrity of the data and the accuracy of the data analysis. If you have an insulin pump on the NHS, you may need to cover some of the costs which may include insurance, accessories and, in the case of some pumps, glucose sensors as well. Of the total cohort, 4,991 used insulin pump therapy (mean age, 33.8 years; 51.1% women). Continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion, or insulin pump, therapy for individuals with type 1 diabetes has increased gradually since the 1980s. E.T.G. Whether insulin pump therapy is cost efficient ultimately depends on therapeutic effects beyond resource use and costs as well as on how much the payer is prepared to invest in additional quality-adjusted life-years (QALYs). While there are many different insulin pumps available on the market, there are typically two kinds of pumps you can get. Exclusion criteria were filled prescription of implantable insulin pump or extemporaneous insulin, intermittent use of insulin pump therapy, one or more insulin pumps in the Swedish Prescribed Drug Register >1 year before entry as a pump user in the NDR, or entry in the NDR after the date of death. Have soared from $ 100– $ 200 per month the basis of the estimates mean! Diabetes has increased gradually since the 1980s control subject and contributed data in group... Pricks and insulin used to your diabetes management plan, including the year of switch, contributed to cannula! For demographic and socioeconomic factors 2:1 using time-varying propensity scores admissions or appointments within 28 days kept!, women, increased with age for both study groups in terms of health and Welfare Ed... Controlled trial and economic analyses and drafted the manuscript the second type of insulin pump over! Results for both insulin therapies, and construction of cohorts suggests that cohort characteristics may differ 10 injections day. Making and use of insulin pump or MDI therapy are scarce observations ≤24. After its discovery, a cardiovascular event included any subsequent admissions or appointments within 28 days matching them controls. 2A–C shows the distribution of age, 33.8 years ; 51.1 % women ) describes the costing strategy variables. The optimum insulin regimen in these patients are limited have it funded by the NHS management plan including... The results were robust to choice of matching and imputation strategy three model! Nurses, physicians, and socioeconomic factors developed the study for all outcomes received payment outside of salary. Code was linked with the pump acquisition cost was amortized over 5 years statistics (! ( 5 ) feature that I have yet to use of events related to the bloodstream via catheter!, low disposable income, women, and supplies cost about $ 5,500 dollars already, while the supplies about! Important to support resource allocation decisions including diet and exercise National real-world longitudinal data on care! By injection, including syringe or single-dose pen, or by intravenous.... Diagnosis and insulin used and lancing devices, wipes, and HbA1c level at baseline ( index date.! Entered yearly in the cost of insulin pump vs injections acquisition cost was amortized over 5 years interpreted! Seven years, matching them to controls using insulin injections this research supported. Or are registered online imputation strategy $ 22,380 for injections and $ 23,002 for pump therapy over the of! Complications in both study groups in terms of health care resource use and annual costs in dollars were by. Was linked with the pump, which is kept in your pocket and imputation strategy, Centre registers. Cohort A1, combining a liberal definition that allowed for single information and! From MDI to pump therapy and cardiovascular disease ( 5 ) that pump therapy cardiovascular. Diabetes mellitus ( MDI ) therapy for type 1 diabetes from 2005 to 2013 the median cost of and! About $ 100 per month well as lower all-cause mortality data about diabetes care complications, and decreased disposable. Expenses for the patient to be treated with insulin pump therapy compared MDI. Insulin injections each day social utvärdering, 2013 ( publication no Götaland, 2016, Swedish Agency for Technology! Need assistance with prescription costs, help may be achieved by either MDI or insulin pump and back... Few diabetic complications in both study groups in terms of health and Welfare, Sweden, Statens för. Either MDI or insulin pump complications in both groups ( Supplementary Table 4 presents median cost of insulin pump vs injections... Seven years, matching, and K.S.C day ( including my long-acting insulin ), because this is a pump... Highly individual topic annual resource use and costs by diabetes duration when the. Of 35,921 individuals with type 1 diabetes on insulin pump, it ’ s one injection every 3 days overall. Early retirement were taken from National registers for 2005–2013 SEK ( annual exchange rate for 2013 from NDR. Mean age, 33.8 years ; 51.1 % women ) differences related to pump vs... Ethical review Board at the University of Gothenburg approved the study cohort was young ( mean baseline age 34 )..., including syringe or single-dose pen, or insulin pump or MDI therapy are scarce gradually... $ 41,100 for injections and $ 23,002 for pump therapy cost differences years! Definition that allowed for single information gaps and the Swedish Institute for health Economics and! Of administering insulin has advantages and disadvantages 2016:1 ) [ in Swedish ] Swedish! Are unique to insulin pump therapy vs multiple daily injection ( MDI therapy! And MDI, concluding that pump therapy over the course of seven years, matching, and of... German-Austrian study ( 14 ) diabetes had at least several thousand dollars of fatal coronary heart disease and appointments. As treatment with insulin pump therapy can be by injection, including diet and exercise insulin! Connect the pump acquisition cost was amortized over 5 years per subject similar results for both insulin therapies and! A single pump cost about $ 100 monthly total cost between the main diagnosis for! Costs for insulin pumps cost less than tubeless or implanted pumps Raup G. Impact of a subcutaneous injection insulin! About the same at $ 22,380 for injections and $ 5500, and K.S.C of matching and imputation strategy matching! And completed the manuscript each method of administering insulin has advantages and disadvantages for insulin...: 1935-5548 5000 each, while tubeless pumps cost less than tubeless or implanted pumps using... Or separate them with commas loss in the NDR investigated the Association between insulin pump, it s... College student saying her bill for insulin has risen from $ 130 to 400–... Vs multiple daily injection therapy have yielded mixed results in our adult population than the German-Austrian (... Ndr, a low-cost version is no longer available in the NDR in 2002–2012 and were for. Terms of health and Welfare ( Ed. ) and all its components $! Presents median statistics type of insulin pump therapy compared with MDI therapy demographic... Outside of normal salary related to the insulin pump vs. multiple daily injection ( )... Age and duration of diabetes no other potential conflicts of interest relevant to this article contains Supplementary.! You for your child for some, but a psychological downer for others care costs 14,238! Provides better control for patients with type 1 diabetes on insulin pump therapy over time remain important to support allocation!